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Network Access


The OSI-WAN product is a modular implementation of the four Lower Layers of the OSI Reference Model and conforms to the following ISO Standards. The Software was implemented as a Windows NT Kernel Driver and works with the Digiboard Sync/570i adapter.

The product is well integrated into the Windows NT networking interfaces and provides the standard Winsock interface to Applications. The product also allows direct access to the X.25 Packet Layer protocol to enable applications to run directly on top of X.25 Packet Switching Interface. The product is highly configurable and can be customized to meet the requirements of various industry standard profiles through editing the configuration parameters in the Windows NT Registry.


All mandatory functions for US GOSIP Version 2.0 are supported.
All mandatory functions for UK-GOSIP (Government OSI Profile) V3.1/V4.0 are supported.


Interoperability tests are performed with a variety of vendors' protocol stacks on various platforms as part of Quality Assurance process.


  • User Friendly

    A GUI application for configuration and administration. Installation and Control are through the Control Panel-Networks applet of Windows NT.

  • Open, Standard interface

    There is a Winsock interface for OSI application developers. The product offers the standard Winsock interface on top of the TP02/X25 protocol stack. The product can be integrated with other complementary products such as OSI Upper Layers and FTAM through the Winsock interface.

  • Direct X.25 Access

    The product also allows applications to run directly on top of the X.25 Packet Layer through the STREAMS Message based X.25 Packet Layer interface. This mode of operation enables communication with other applications running directly on top of the X.25 Packet Layer. The X.25 applications can setup incoming call listeners to the Packet Layer either through sub-addresses or through unique identifiers in the Call User Data field.

  • Transport Layer (TP0,2) 

    Provides End to End Reliable Data Transfer.
    Provides easy to use configuration parameters in the Windows NT Registry.
    Provides USL STREAMS based TPI interface and Winsock 1.1 interface to applications.
    Samples of Winsock application source code and binaries are included in the deliverables.
    Supports T-Selector lengths of up to 32 octets as per the NIST agreements.

  • X.25 Packet Switching Interface

    Provides easy to use configuration parameters in the Windows NT Registry.
    Provides applications direct access to the X.25 Packet Layer.
    Supports simultaneous operation of the Transport Layer and User Applications on top of X.25 Packet Layer protocol.

  • Physical Layer

    The Digiboard Sync/570i adapter supports EIA-232D and V.35 physical interfaces. The V.35 interface is recommended for line speeds higher than 64Kbps.

Diagnostic Aid

Samples of application source code and binaries are included as part of the standard delivery and can be executed as per the Users Guide to insure that the stack is operational.
A separate chapter is included in Users Guide for administration and configuration of the product.


The product consists of a Digiboard Sync/570i series ISA or PCI bus adapter, software and two distinct software items:

  • TWICE HDLC Package:

    The TWICE HDLC software is the low level hardware driver for the Digiboard Sync/570i adapter and the Install/Configure utilities.

  • TWICE ISOTP02-X25 Package:

    The TWICE ISOTP02-X25 software is the protocol Layers and the utilities to Install/Configure the Network Software.

The package also includes the Development Toolkit listed bellow.

Development Toolkit for OSI application developer

Winsock addendum for application development in Users Guide. Sample Winsock application source code and binaries. Sample of Direct X.25 access application source code and binaries. Winsock X.25 extensions header file and Direct X.25 access header file for application development.

System Requirements

Hardware - Intel PC with a Digiboard Sync/570i ISA or PCI bus 2 port adapter (included in the product)
Software - MS-Windows NT V3.5/3.51/4.0

Complementary Products

  • OSI-CMIP - CMISE/ROSE protocols (includes an ASN.1 compiler)

  • OSI-MAPS - ACSE/PRES/SESS Layers. Offers XAP API for TMN vendors

  • IP-X25 - Remote Office connectivity by routing TCP/IP over X.25



Telecom Billing Mediation

TMN Apps


Network Access
IP - X25
WAN - X25

Portable Source Code
Frame Relay