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Network Access


The OSI-LAN product is a modular implementation of the four Lower Layers of the OSI Reference Model and conforms to the relevant ISO Standards.

It was implemented as a Windows NT Kernel Driver and works with all the supported Windows NT LAN adapters. The product is well integrated into the Windows NT networking interfaces and provides the standard Winsock interface to the Applications. 

The product supports all the media types like Ethernet, Token-Ring and FDDI. The package is flexible and can be configured to meet different Profile requirements. The product can also be configured with Null Network Layer. In this case the Transport Layer accesses Data Link Layer directly, bypassing the CLNP / ES-IS protocol modules. 

All mandatory functions for UK-GOSIP (Government OSI Profile) V3.1/V4.0 are supported. All mandatory functions for US GOSIP Version 2.0 are supported. The product is certified and registered in US GOSIP version 2.0 database.

Interoperability tests are performed with a variety of vendor's protocol stacks on various platforms as part of Quality Assurance process. Also the product has been thoroughly tested to work with network interface cards for different media like Ethernet, Token-Ring, and FDDI from a number of vendors at Microsoft's Laboratory. It has also been tested to interoperate with a variety of routers capable of OSI routing.

Functional Specifications 

  • Transport Layer (Layer 4)
    ISO 8073 Open Systems Interconnection - Connection Oriented Transport Protocol specification. Addendum 2 : Class four operation over connectionless network service, 1989.

  • Network Layer (Layer 3)
    ISO 8473 Open Systems Interconnection - Protocol for providing Connectionless mode Network Service, 1988. It supports the Full Protocol and Inactive Subset modes.
    ISO 9542 End System to Intermediate System Routing Exchange protocol for use in conjunction with the Protocol for providing the connectionless mode network service (ISO 8473), 1988.

  • Data Link Layer (Layer 2)
    ISO 8802-2 Logical Link Control, 1989.

  • Physical Layers (Layer 1)
    Ethernet, Token-Ring and FDDI physical interface framing supported. (Hardware not included)
    For further details of implementation of the above standards, see the PICS (Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement).


  • User Friendly
    A GUI application for configuration and administration. Installation and Control are through the Control Panel-Networks applet of Windows NT.

  • Open, Standard interface
    Winsock interface for OSI application developers. Thus it works with Microsoft's EMX-440 product. Other OSI based applications like FTAM, and VTP are also done.

  • Transport Layer (TP4)
    Provides End to End Reliable data transfer. PDU size is configurable. There are many parameters that advanced user can configure to customize the operation.

  • Provides TDI as well as TLI interface.
    Provides DLL for winsock based application and sample source in 'C' is also included in the deliverables. Supports 32 bytes long T-Selector.

  • Network Layer (CLNP, ES-IS)

  • CLNP: Supports multiple network interface cards. Easy access to Static routing table to override dynamic routing table entry. Routing can be configured based on address and priority. Can handle US GOSIP V2.0 / US GOSIP V1.0 / UK GOSIP V3.1 / UK GOSIP V 4.0 addressing formats. Works with ES-IS module. Can be easily configured to run in full or inactive mode.

  • ES-IS: Can be configured as End System or Intermediate System. Multicast capability for auto discovery of the end systems in the LAN. Has Interoperated with routers from vendors like Cisco, Wellfleet, 3Com etc.

Diagnostic Aid 
Two programs are included as part of the standard delivery, which can be executed as per the Users Guide, to find a problem. A separate chapter is included in Users Guide for administration and configuration of the product.

Development Toolkit for OSI Application Developer
Winsock addendum for applications development in Users Guide. Libraries, include and source files for Winsock application development. Sample Winsock applications in 'C'. 

System Requirements 
Hardware - Intel PC with a Network Interface card (Ethernet, token-ring or FDDI media)
Software - MS-Windows NT V3.5/3.51/4.0

Complementary Products

  • OSI-MAPS - ACSE/PRES/SESS Layers. Offers XAP API for TMN vendors 

  • OSI-CMIP - CMISE/ROSE protocols (includes an ASN.1 compiler) 



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