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Portable Source Code

Frame Relay

TWICEŽ Frame Relay complements PacketWare's comprehensive line of portable communication software products to provide access to Frame Relay networks.

TWICEŽ Frame Relay customers receive an unprecedented Frame Relay network certification guarantee. Our clients benefit from their investment in the PacketWare technology because they know they can rely on us for a complete range of protocol software including
X-25, TCP-IP and PPP.

TWICEŽ Frame Relay is based on 17 years experience developing performance communication software to the open Streams architecture with the quality guaranteed by PacketWare's rigorous development methodology, audited and compliant with both government and laboratory standards.

Features and Benefits

  • Full STREAMS compatibility for implementation in a native UNIX System V Release 3 or 4 kernel
  • Portable Streams Environment (PSE) for platforms which do not support a native Streams environment
  • Full compatibility with USL's published interfaces (DLPI), ANSI T1S1, UIT-T, and Frame Relay Forum specifications
  • Full dynamic run-time configuration per interface
  • Standard flow control handling through FECN and BECN bits and CLLM frames
  • Local Management Interface for both Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) and Switched Virtual Circuits (SVC)
  • Full support for RFC 1490 for protocol encapsulation over Frame Relay, including ARP encapsulation and segmenting and reassembly
  • Extensive local network management functions (configuration, line monitoring, statistics, and alarms handling)
  • Comprehensive porting and testing Toolkit
Technical Specifications

Frame Relay Core Driver

  • Streams Multiplexing Driver
  • Connection Less and Connection Oriented DLPI user interfaces
  • Local network management interface for configuration, Line Monitoring, Statistics, and Alarms
  • Local Management Interfaces (LMI) with standard interface as per UIT-T Q.922 Annex A
  • Support for standard and custom LMIs at the Upper Layers (PVC and SVC LMIs provided)
  • Frame structure as per UIT-T Q.922 Annex A
  • Support for all UIT-T defined DLCI formats with configurable encoding on 10, 16, 17, or 23 bits
  • Full flow control handling through FECN and BECN bits monitoring as per UIT-T Q.922 Appendix I
  • Additional flow control management through Consolidated Link Layer Management (CLLM) frames as per UIT-T Q.922 Annex A (section A.7) and Appendix I (section I.2.3)
  • Automatic negotiation of Data Link parameters per DLCI as per UIT-T Q.922 Appendix II
  • Protocol encapsulation as per Frame Relay Forum agreement FRF.3, ANSI T1.617a-1993 Annex F, and RFC 1490
  • SDU segmenting and reassembly as per RFC 1490 and ANSI T1.617a-1993
  • Address resolution for ARP and RARP protocol encapsulation as per RFC 1490


  • Separate Streams multiplexing driver for PVC management
  • Support all mandatory and optional capabilities defined in UIT-T Q.933 Annex A
  • Compliant with the Frame Relay Forum agreement FRF.1 subset
  • Configurable to use the ANSI T1.617a-1993, Annex D procedures for operation with older switching equipment
  • Periodic polling, link integrity verification, reporting on new PVCs and PVC availability
  • Support for the optional bi-directional network procedures
  • Configurable for DTE or DCE operations
  • Support for the N391, N392, and N393 counters and the T391 and T393 timers, each configurable on a line by line basis
  • Fully compliant with extensions to 3 and 4 bytes DLCI encoding


  • Separate Streams multiplexing driver for SVC management
  • Implements the subset of Q.933 specified by the Frame Relay Forum implementation agreement FRF.4, January 1994
  • Fully compliant with extensions to 3 and 4 bytes DLCI encoding
  • Configurable for DTE or DCE operations


Telecom Billing Mediation

TMN Apps


Network Access
IP - X25
WAN - X25

Portable Source Code
Frame Relay