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Telecom Billing Mediation

TeleProcess Small Business Version

Mediation is the process of executing business rules on the collected network usage data.  TeleProcess provides the user, the ability to define complex business rules offering variety of mediation functions. 

Many downstream applications understand a format that is usually different from the raw CDR files obtained from the network elements.  The format conversion to application specific format needs to be undertaken before the CDR file is sent to the application. TeleProcess file format definitions are fully user controllable and hence supports user specific conversions from the native NE formats to the downstream application formats like billing system format, including direct transport of the CDR data to a database management system.

The comprehensive mediation features of TeleProcess supports varied requirements of different downstream systems easily. These features include data and file validations, user defined triggers and validations, filtering CDRs, elimination of unwanted fields, insertion of user defined fields with variety of data mapping techniques. It also support PERL scripting language to define any of these validation/modification rules.


Interoperability tests with a variety of Network element File Formats and downstream applications is a part of the TeleProcess Quality Assurance process. The company is working with various types of NEs continually to expand the list of supported formats.  The product is developed to run in Windows and Linux/Unix based machines.

TeleProcess Architecture

Features and Functions

  • Cluster environment: 

    Processing can be done in a cluster environment. CDR data from any source can be processed by any of the cluster nodes connected to the configuration server and processed data can be delivered to the specified destination by the processing node.  Each node runs completely independent in a coordinated cluster environment and can run in different hardware platforms. Nodes are remotely Configurable through an integrated cluster environment.
    (This feature is not supported under Small Business version)

  • Multiple formats support

    TeleProcess can support multiple CDR formats like Tagged Data (Ex: ASN.1), Tagged Data composite records, Tagged Data sub records, structure types in structure type records, Non-Tagged data, Non-Tagged data with Tagged sub records, Non-Tagged data with Non-Tagged sub records,  Hexadecimal format for all the above types and ASCII,  Files having File Headers and Trailers, Files of type non-block enabled and Block (Fixed/variable) enabled. This gives complete flexibility in defining a file format.

  • Validations and Triggers

    File name sequence validation, CDR format validation for decoding, validations for specific values in fields, user defined validations, sequence validations, duplicate validations and Events/Triggers at each validation are built in features in TeleProcess module.

  • Complex Expressions

    During configuring complex validation, filtration, elimination and mapping rules various logical, numeric and string operations can be defined.  Use of History Lookups, Database Lookups, User defined reusable functions, Internal Functions, Format conversions, Special record based functions, which use efficient processing are built with the project.  Support for interfacing to external DLL based functions is standard built in feature.

  • Possibility to use PERL scripts

    For the rare event where client need to perform a custom validation, an additional feature is provided to add PERL scripts during configuration of expressions.  The script can be evaluated by the user at the time of configuration through the user friendly interface.

  • Multiple Destination Mappings

    Data from each source can be sent to multiple destinations with independent field mappings. 

  • Direct support to Database

    The source and destinations can be a table in a database, this gives the flexibility while interfacing to end applications.

  • Logs and Reports

    Activity logs and reports can be generated based on the process errors, session errors, Process log, Uploading log, Daily process statistics etc.  Custom made reports can be added to the project as per user requirements.

  • Data Security

    During the process, highest care was taken to stop the process for any invalid configurations and log accordingly.  Data integrity is taken care at every step in the process.

Complementary Products

CDR Editor is a complementary product, through which rejected & eliminated CDR files can be edited and recycled for further processing.


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