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PacketWare for the last several years has worked on several projects in the areas of embedded systems, drivers & protocols, simple as well as large distributed applications and mission critical applications. 

Some of the products and solutions developed are under use 24x7 days at more than 100+ client sites across the world. The high quality of the software developed along with the offshore cost advantage offered by PacketWare, has brought several repeat customers. Packetware focus in the niche areas have made it efficient and also offered the measures to reduce the costs.

Packetware with its vast experience in the area of these operations, is sure that the clients will be benefited most in all fronts and looks for lasting relationship for years to come.

To give an idea on the variety of the projects undertaken, a few case studies are provided here. Please contact us, if more details are required for reference on any of the projects undertaken.


Case Studies

  Financial Industry
  Avionics Industry
Embedded Systems
  Drivers & Protocol Development
  Health Care Industry
Travel Industry
Telecom Industry