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Health Care Industry


Packetware has successfully reengineered several legacy projects in the Health Care Industry.  Over the period of time applications were perfected with functionality, reduced bugs and users also got used to the interfaces offered by these products and this extends the life of the product. However these applications need to be ported to the newer technologies to support new graphics user interfaces.


It is a challenging work to migrate these products to the newer environments, as it poses problems like user acceptability, interface changes, introduction of porting bugs, time and cost issues.


Packetware has already went through these cycles several times and hence would be able to offer cost effective solutions due to the domain and functional experience gained in this line.


A sample project:

+Medic PM for Windows is one of the major reengineering/ conversion projects. This project was a great success, where stringent dead lines were met within the time set by the client. The total work done is about 150 man months employing 30 software professionals.  

+MEDIC PM practice management system provides a comprehensive solution for physicians and group practices. To meet the specific needs of practices in virtually any medical specialty, the +MEDIC PM system includes software applications that automate and integrate financial, administrative, managed care and clinical information functions. 

The conversion work involves the following.

  Converting the Character oriented user interface to a
        Client/Server based system with Graphical User Interface.

  Converting each module to run under a client/server
        environment. The server side code runs under AIX while
        the client side runs under Windows NT.

 Converting the date from 6 digit format to 8 digit Y2K
        compliant format.

The Target Environment:


+MEDIC PM utilizes the most advanced technology: IBM RS/6000 hardware and IBM AIX operating system, Micro Focus COBOL development language, Microsoft Windows NT to truly integrate demographic, financial, managed care, and clinical information.

Data base server: IBM RS/6000 hardware and IBM AIX operating system.
Clients: Microsoft Windows NT on PCs in a networked environment.
Reengineering Tools Used: Micro Focus Net Express, Micro Focus Object COBOL Developer Suite for UNIX.

Case Studies

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