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               Financial Industry

Packetware has undertaken product reengineering services to financial industry in the area of portfolio management systems. Packetware has provided onsite consultants for integration works.


With relevant experience and domain knowledge in the industry, Packetware is in a position to offer cost effective development & long term maintenance services in this industry.


A Sample Project

Product is reengineered to use latest JAVA technologies and offers services like customized portfolio management services to clients based on the selected risk levels and goals to be achieved..


Complex calculations are are coded in C++ and interfaced to JAVA for further work and presentation to clients over web.



The Target Environment:


Data base server:  Solaris 8 with IBM DB2 Database
Clients: Any web browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
Development environment: Java 2.0, IBM WebSphere, JNI, C++


Case Studies

  Financial Industry
  Avionics Industry
Embedded Systems
  Drivers & Protocol Development
  Health Care Industry
Travel Industry
Telecom Industry