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               Drivers & Protocol Development 

This is one of core areas of PacketWare for several years and PacketWare has more than 100 man-years of experience in this area. Protocol software was developed on variety of environments like Windows NT/2000, Linux, Unix, Embedded systems.

The products developed are highly reliable, conformant to the standards, interoperable to the other vendor solutions, scalable for the required performance and portable to variety of operating environments.

Drivers Development under various environments

As a part of the protocol software packaging and product development, several hardware drivers were developed. Some of them are listed below.

  • Design, Development of a Microsoft Windows X25 driver for a high speed Digi synch. Communication controller. This is developed under Windows NT/2000 and Linux platform.

  • RFC 1006 development under Solaris, Linux and Windows NT/2000

  •  X.25 protocol (PKT and FRM layers)

  • TP02 protocol

  • TP4/CLNP protocol stack

  • IP over X.25 routing module (NDIS)

  • X.25 over IP routing module  

  • XOT Protocol to eliminate the need for X.25 network for legacy X.25 applications.

STREAMS Support for Microsoft Windows

Maintenance and support for STREAMS environment under Windows NT was undertaken.

CWA Communications Los Gatos

Designed & Developed a very high speed ATM IDT SAR chip driver for Windows NT. The driver is based on the Microsoft Windows NT CO-NDIS framework. It was one of the first such drivers in the industry during that time. 

Arnet - Tennesse

Review of a Windows NT driver : Performance & Bottlenecks analysis of a Windows NT driver for Arnet high speed communications board.

Computone - Atlanta

Review of a serial communications card Windows NT driver.

Case Studies

  Financial Industry
  Avionics Industry
Embedded Systems
  Drivers & Protocol Development
  Health Care Industry
Travel Industry
Telecom Industry