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Packetware announces its XOT Host product to interconnect X.25 based applications across TCP/IP networks. XOT completely eliminates the need for any X.25 hardware in the end systems, thus greatly improving the reliability and flexibility of the end system hardware. Routers alone can not achieve this result though they can route the X.25 traffic over TCP/IP network.

TeleMedia is a time tested trusted solution for the collection and distribution of Call Detail Records (CDR) for telecom service providers and Mobile operators. TeleProvision solution easily integrates into OSS/Billing applications to provide services provisioning on wide variety of network elements like HLR, VMS, SMS, AAA, UMS etc
TeleProcess is a high end cluster solution for complete & flexible processing of CDRs with a throughput of over 200 million CDRs per day. TeleProcess SB version is a low end solution for processing CDRs when throughput requirement is small PW EMS is a TMN tool that provides a standardized Element Management System under TMN environment for managing various telecommunication network equipments such as SONET/SDH devices. 
More than 100 clients across the world are using Packetware Telecom custom solutions for many years. Drivers & Protocol software was developed for variety of environments like Windows NT/2000, Linux, Unix and Embedded systems.
Packetware has undertaken embedded software engineering services for mission critical Commercial avionics systems requiring stringent development and testing standards. Packetware has diverse experience in Embedded Systems development using tools like VxWorks and pSOS. 
Our broad spectrum of Products & Services offer new ways to communicate in :
Telecom Billing Mediation
Our various solutions are the spearhead for the telecom service provider and Mobile operators.   
Network Access
We design a wide range of products keeping OEM customers in mind.  
Portable Source Code
  Our TWICE packages make us an important convergent technology provider in this industry.  
Travel Industry
Packetware has undertaken many product development services to travel industry in the area of computer airline reservation systems, server gateways and single agent systems.  
Health Care
Packetware has successfully reengineered several legacy projects in the Health Care Industry. Projects include practice management systems which provide a comprehensive solutions for physicians and group practices and include software functionality that automate and integrate financial, administrative, managed care and clinical information functions.

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